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Directions & Parking


  • Southbound on I-95: From July 26 until mid-August, traffic lanes on I-95 South will split with three lanes to the left and one lane to the right from Exit 55 (Key Highway) to Exit 52 (MD 295). To use Exit 53 (I-395), you MUST use the right lane prior to the split. The on-ramp from Key Highway to southbound I-95 will reopen; however motorists entering southbound I-95 will remain in the right lane until after Exit 52. The on-ramp from Hanover Street to southbound I-95 will be closed 24/7 until late September.
  • Northbound on I-95: From July 14 until early August, the lanes to access I-395 (Exit 53) will be reduced from two lanes to just one. Motorists on northbound I-95 will only be able to access Exit 53 using the far right lane after Exit 52 (Russell Street). The remaining three northbound I-95 lanes will continue north to the Fort McHenry Tunnel. To get to the ballpark or downtown from northbound I-95, you can use Exit 52 (Russell Street) or Exit 55 (Key Highway) as an alternate route.
  • Reminders: The left lane on northbound I-95 between Exit 50 (Caton Avenue) and Exit 52 (Russell Street) remains continuously closed (24/7). The remaining three northbound I-95 traffic lanes will split with one lane to the left and two lanes to the right in this area. To use Exit 51 (Washington Boulevard), you MUST use the two right lanes prior to the split. To exit at Russell Street (Exit 52), motorists should follow signs to use Exit 50, continue on the ramp to northbound I-95, and exit at Russell Street.

The best way to get to Oriole Park at Camden Yards is to plan ahead and consider all the transportation options available to you. Here are some tips to help you pick the best route to Oriole Park.


  • By Mass Transit

    If you are taking mass transit, the Maryland Transit Administration has set up a special page to assist you.

  • Driving Directions

    If you are driving, here are some tips to help you pick the best route to Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

  • Parking Information

    There are a variety of options located within an easy walking distance of Oriole Park to accommodate all of your parking needs.

  • Getting Around

    Print out a fan-friendly map to help you locate all the amenities at Oriole Park.

  • Virtual Birdland

    "Fly over" Baltimore, Oriole Park and the surrounding Camden Yards community to see how fun and convenient a day or night at the Ballpark That Forever Changed Baseball can be!