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Lighter Side of the Cubs: If I wasn't a ballplayer Lighter Side of the Cubs: If I wasn't a ballplayer
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  • Cubs Spring Training Lineups: 3/5/15

    (Photo by Stephen Green) Spring Training games officially start for the Cubs Thursday with half the club hosting the Athletics at Sloan Park while the other half heads to Scottsdale to take on the Giants. Here are lineups for this afternoon’s games: Cubs vs. Athletics – Sloan Park First Pitch: 2:05 CST Cubs Starter: Travis […]

  • 1000 Words: Manny being mentor

    (Photo by Stephen Green) Since Manny Ramirez (right) joined the Cubs organization midway through 2014, he has worked as a mentor for many of the young players in the system, including second baseman Javier Baez (left). This season, Ramirez, a two-time World Series champion and a member of the 500 home run club, is serving […]

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