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Hospitality Catering

Menu Selection & Guest Guarantees

Menu selections and guest guarantees must be turned in to the catering office seven days prior to the event. Please see "HOW TO ORDER" for instructions. For any last minute questions, please call our Game Day Catering Department at (513) 765-7598. The final number of guests attending your event seven days prior to the event constitutes the guarantee, not subject to reduction and charges will be made accordingly. If no guarantee is received at the appropriate time, the expected attendance will be used as a guarantee. If no menu is selected by the appropriate time, the Chef's choice will be the "Pinch Hitter" menu.


All menus include two beer tickets (except for the Frontgate Outdoor Luxury Suite, the Super Suites and the Party Suites) and unlimited soda and water per guest. Additional draft beer tickets may be purchased in advance or on game day for $6.75 each. All group party areas (except Triple Play Party Suites and the Super Suites where canned/bottled beer is standard) feature draft beer. Additional bottled beer for the Triple Play Party Suites may be purchased in advance or on game day for $8.25 each. Domestic bottled beer may be added on for $7.75 each but may not be substituted for draft. Add-on beer included sales tax and is subject to an 18% administrative fee. All beverages will begin at gate time and will be discontinued at the conclusion of the last out of the game. DNC Sportservice reserved the right to refuse alcohol service to any individual and to suspend service of alcoholic beverages at any time.

Food Schedule

All buffet food will begin 30 minutes after gate time, will be replenished until the end of the fifth inning, and discontinued upon the conclusion of the 9th inning. Snack items will be available until the end of the game. In the event of a game delay or cancellation, if the gates open, all food and beverage will begin as scheduled.

Menu Additions

If you would like to upgrade or add to the menu available to your guests, we have many food and beverage items that area available for pre-order and game day order. These include appetizers, snack items and salads, as well as a liquor package. Please see "ADDITIONAL ITEMS MENU " for instructions. Our Suites menu is also available upon request. Pre-ordered menu additions will arrive at gate time.

All menu additions are required to be secured in advance with a credit card. This charge will be applied the day/night of the game. Add-on menu items include sales tax and are subject to an 18% administrative fee. Contact the Game Day Catering Department for details.

Administrative Fee

An administrative fee of 18% will be added to any food and beverage not included with your package. 15% of the administrative fee will be distributed to your Catering Attendants. The remainder of the fee will be used by Cincinnati Sportservice, Inc. to enhance your experience and provide a more competitive wage to our employees.

Contact Info

For any catering questions regarding food and beverage for the Frontgate Outdoor Luxury Suite, Super Suites, Triple Play Party Suites, Redlegs Landing, Party Decks, Smokehouse Party Barn, Duke Energy Retail Power Alley Patio, Machine Room Patio or the Cincinnati Bell Riverboat Deck, please call the Game Day Catering Department at (513) 765-7598.

For all other questions regarding any of the hospitality areas, call Reds Group Sales at (513)765-7600.