5/31/12 - Big Papi stops by for some Intentional Talk in his summer gear
According to Ortiz, flamethrower Daniel Bard looks like Reggie Jackson in batting practice -- but more like Michael Jackson during games.
5/31/12 - Dude, where's my walk-off?
The Zoltan hand sign is starting to show up everywhere in Pittsburgh.
5/31/12 - Everybody loves Melky
If you wear a panda hat and bring a stuffed baby giraffe to AT&T Park, chances are you also enjoy the Melkman's work.
5/31/12 - Fist pumping, life saving Todd Fraizer
Todd Frazier appeared on intentional talk and discusses what it was like to stand next to Derek Jeter after winning the Little League World Series and now playing against him as a major leaguer.
5/31/12 - Rockies fan makes sick catch, brah, on Cuddyer's slam
They even had to, like, replay it, dude.
5/31/12 - The Question: Which East is the real beast?
Which do you think is baseball’s best division? Which East is truly the beast?
5/31/12 - Mariners' Iwakuma records save ... in 21-8 game
Iwakuma gets an unconventional save in Seattle's blowout of Texas.
5/31/12 - David Wilson backflips, tosses first pitch. Yes, a standing backflip.
New York Giants first-round Draft pick David Wilson was on hand at Citi Field on Wednesday night to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.
5/31/12 - Lou-cecum in the house at AT&T Park
Only a few whiskers and some fur distinguished the Giants' mascot from their starting pitcher on Wedneday night.
5/31/12 - Tony Romo completes 20-yard pass to Mike Adams
Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo threw out the ceremonial first pitch before Wednesday night's game at Rangers Ballpark.
5/31/12 - This Rangers fan was told there would be no math
Fan remains positive in the midst of Mariners' onslaught.
5/30/12 - What can't he do? Verlander crushes homer in BP

The Tigers ace looks like he's getting closer his first career hit.

5/30/12 - Look out for Freddie Freeman
Freeman's new sports glasses have been all the rage in the Braves' dugout.
5/30/12 - SNY booth takes to the stands
SNY broadcasters Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling and Gary Cohen called Wednesday's game from the Pepsi Porch at Citi Field.
5/30/12 - The Question: Will Doc's injury sink Phils?
Is Roy Halladay's injury what finally sinks the Phillies?
5/30/12 - Bears invade AT&T Park
Bears of all shapes, sizes, and ages were seen at Tuesday's Giants game.
5/30/12 - Derek Holland set to part ways with mustache
The Dutch-stache will be gone -- at least for now -- by Wednesday morning.
5/29/12 - Water balloon pops in slow motion ... and it's awesome
Possibly the best use of slo-mo in baseball history.
5/29/12 - Don Mattingly reminisces about snagging popcorn from a fan
The former Dodgers manager dishes on his mid-inning snack.
5/29/12 - Couple exchanges vows at Rangers Ballpark
A rather unusual scene unfolded at Rangers Ballpark on Tuesday, as this couple tied the knot during BP.
5/29/12 - Touching tribute at Rogers Centre for injured classmate
Students from Académie Sainte-Marie in Quebec form a touching tribute to an injured classmate.
5/29/12 - Lucky fan catches Jeremy Hefner's first long ball
Joe Mitnick left Citi Field Tuesday night with a free signed Johan Santana bat.
5/29/12 - Now you can let everyone know about Mr. Met's awesomeness
The Mets' T-Shirt Tuesday rolls along with an edition recognizing Mr. Met's recent distinction as the best mascot in sports.
5/29/12 - Todd Frazier doesn't even need his bat to go yard
Todd Frazier hits a home run without even holding the bat.
5/29/12 - Matsui mania underway at the Trop
It's too bad no one wanted to talk to Hideki Matsui.
5/29/12 - Because we all need more Vin Scully in our lives
This Vin Scully bobblehead will be given to the first 50,000 fans to arrive at Dodger Stadium on Aug. 30.
5/29/12 - You can't see Chris Perez, his time is now
Cleveland's closer channeled WWE superstar John Cena -- then nearly faceplanted -- during his save on Monday.
5/29/12 - Grounds crew gets down in Cincinnati
Reds Rally Pack member busts a move on the field between the 6th and 7th innings of Saturday's game.
5/29/12 - The Question: Which surprise club will stay on top?
So we want to know, out of those surprise first-place clubs - the Orioles, Indians, Nationals and Dodgers – which is most likely to stay on top?
5/29/12 - Ohio pitcher makes incredible barehanded grab
This guy is ready for the Majors.
5/28/12 - Special performance of 'God Bless America' at Tropicana Field
In a poignant Memorial Day moment, Technical Sgt. Sonya Bryson sang "God Bless America" during the seventh-inning stretch of Monday's Rays game.
5/28/12 - Fans lose out to Waveland Avenue in battle for home run ball
Two fans try, but fail, to corral this long home run by Castro at Wrigley Field.
5/28/12 - Ballgirl makes a sweet snag on a line drive
Pirates ballgirl makes a nice catch on a foul ball.
5/28/12 - Braves open Memorial Day game with moment of silence
At Turner Field Monday, we were reminded what Memorial Day is all about.
5/28/12 - Land of the free, home of the Braves
Master Sgt. Dave Sims had a surprise in store for his family Monday at Turner Field.
5/28/12 - Fans treated to old-school flyover on Memorial Day in Minnesota
Target Field goes old school with a WWII aircraft flyover.
5/28/12 - Mets, Phillies mingle with servicemen at Citi Field
Players from both teams spent time with military members on the field prior to first pitch on Memorial Day.
5/28/12 - Marlins Park Bobblehead Museum celebrates Memorial Day
Replicating the always-exhilarating President's Race at Nationals Park.
5/27/12 - Nikki Sixx throws out first pitch at Dodger Stadium
With a fastball that kills, that kills, the Motley Crue bassist kickstarted Sunday's Dodgers game.
5/27/12 - Joe Mauer answers a wish for a young Twins fan
Joe Mauer participates with make-a-wish foundation.
5/27/12 - A triple steal? That's Vandy!
Vanderbilt pulled off a triple steal on Saturday.
5/27/12 - Impostor! Miniature Mariner Moose on the loose
Mariner Moose, Jr. roamed the Safeco Field concourse on Saturday.
5/26/12 - Bob Saget is at U.S. Cellular Field. Where's Uncle Jesse?
Actor and comedian, Bob Saget, tried his hand at something different on Saturday. He sang the national anthem at U.S. Cellular Field.
5/26/12 - Lower Columbia College outfielder flies over wall to make grab
Derrick Salberg makes what could be the catch of the year.
5/26/12 - As CC Sabathia pitches, Joe Girardi offers a cereal story
Despite being lactose intolerant, Yankees manager Joe Girardi owns a deep affinity for breakfast cereal.
5/26/12 - Elliot Johnson has one thing left to accomplish in MLB
Rays player just needs a ring.
5/26/12 - Gaylord Perry throws out ceremonial first pitch
Hall of Famer Gaylord Perry, who spent two seasons with the Mariners, did the honors Friday night.
5/26/12 - Stadium Power Tour visits Seattle
The softball Stadium Power Tour makes a stop at Safeco field
5/26/12 - Pirates fan saw Babe Ruth's last three homers
Friday was the 77th anniversary of Babe Ruth's final big league home run.
5/26/12 - Jackie Moon fan club visits Chase Field
Group of fans at Chase Field display their adoration for fictional basketball maverick, and Will Ferrell character, Jackie Moon.
5/26/12 - Your cameras have no effect on Joe Maddon
Joe Maddon has an impromptu photo shoot with a fan sitting mere inches away.
5/25/12 - It's time for the Brandon Phillips variety show on Intentional Talk
Whenever @DatDudeBP gets in front of a camera, there's no telling what will happen.
5/25/12 - Not a dry eye at Busch after soldier's proposal
One of the more emotional and original marriage proposals you'll see took place before Friday's game in St. Louis. What a great way to kick off Memorial Day Weekend.
5/25/12 - Astros bullpen catcher HATES snakes, teammates prey on his fear
For future reference, do not tell your teammates what you fear most. They will find a way haunt you.
5/25/12 - Jose Bautista is heating up and he knows it
Was Jose Bautista really trying to cool off his own hot bat?
5/25/12 - Is Mike Scioscia planning a comeback?
Mike Scioscia took batting practice at Safeco Field.
5/25/12 - The Next Episode: Snoop Dogg dishes on his ceremonial first pitch
Snoop Dogg speaks about his ceremonial first pitch, and his past experiences with baseball.
5/25/12 - On this day: Big deal for Big Unit
On May 25, 1989, Randy Johnson was traded to the Mariners.
5/25/12 - Mr. Met celebrates Fleet Week
The Mets mascot visited the USS Wasp as it sailed into New York Harbor for Fleet Week, handing out tickets and posing for pictures with sailors.
5/25/12 - Giancarlo Stanton nearly takes out LoMo
LoMo had to stop, drop and roll to avoid getting hit.
5/25/12 - Who is this man, and what has he done with Sergio Romo?
Giants reliever Sergio Romo got a big-time haircut before Thursday's series opener with the Marlins.
5/24/12 - She did say "PLEASE"
Cardinals fan really, really wants Chris Carpenter to sign her jersey.
5/24/12 - Snoop Dogg is no stranger to being an MC, just not this kind
West Coast Rap legend Snoop Dogg was at U.S. Cellular Field on Thursday night for a different kind of performance.
5/24/12 - Call him maybe? Justin Turner talks walk-up tune
Mets infielder Justin Turner comes clean about using the Carly Rae Jepsen hit as his walk-up track.
5/24/12 - Joe Smith says, "Put me in, Coach!"
Cleveland relief pitcher Joe Smith jumps the proverbial gun; starts, then stops his jog from the bullpen.
5/24/12 - Down and nerdy: Rays channel Ken Rosenthal for theme trip
The Rays packed their pocket protectors and Ti-83's for Thursday's trip to Boston, emulating MLB on FOX reporter Ken Rosenthal's trademark bow tie look.
5/24/12 - Miller Park hot dog-eating record falls yet again
Young fan Dylan Meyer and four friends set a new mark by downing 42 $1 dogs on Wednesday.
5/24/12 - Storm Chasers emcee is formal, also here to party
Ben Hemmen, on-field emcee for the Royals' Triple-A affiliate, busted out the legendary tuxedo T-shirt on Wednesday.
5/24/12 - The Question: How should Red Sox address corner INF?
The Red Sox have a bit of a problem - a good problem, mind you, but a problem all the same.
5/24/12 - It's the end of a facial hair era ...
John Axford's legendary 'stache is apparently no more.
5/24/12 - Doggone-It! U.S. Cellular Field overrun by K-9s
Wednesday was Dog Day at the White Sox game.
5/23/12 - Nun fields cell phone call during Yankees game
A nun spends Wednesday's Yankees game doing business on her cell.
5/23/12 - Charles Woodson drops back for first pitch at Miller Park
The Packers defensive back tossed out first pitches with both a football and a baseball on Wednesday.
5/23/12 - OK, let's hear your Adrian Beltre facts ...
And if Adrian Beltre is really > Chuck Norris, we're going to need some proof.
5/23/12 - Holy rides, Batman: Freese and Motte check out the Tumbler
The two Cardinals stopped by the Tumbler Tour outside Busch Stadium on Wednesday.
5/23/12 - Protect your head after stuffing your face at Marlins Park
Crush the tortilla chips, cheese, salsa, chili, guacamole and jalapenos -- then you'll be ready to step in the box.
5/23/12 - James Loney got engaged, took glamour photos to prove it ...
James, you are wearin' that hat.
5/23/12 - The Question: OK to speak out on attendance?
Are players right to implore fans to come see them, or is it out of line?
5/23/12 - Caleb Lloyd is living the dream in Cincinnati
Two souvenirs and memories to last a lifetime. All in a minute's work.
5/22/12 - Jason Kipnis has some advice for his fantasy owners
Indians 2B isn't feeling so confident these days.
5/22/12 - Hey, kid, John Jaso is going to give that ball back to you, OK?
Toddler is not happy when Dad takes his baseball away for John Jaso to sign. Hey, baby, this is a good thing.
5/22/12 - Back from overseas, soldier surprises family at Astros game
What better way to tell your family you're home from Afghanistan than to not tell them at all? This Texan gave his family the greatest possible surprise.
5/22/12 - Presenting the first proposal in Marlins Park history
Gus and Fanny got engaged during the bottom of the second inning on Tuesday.
5/22/12 - Santiago Casilla reaffirms the notion about pitchers and hitting
San Francisco Giants reliever Santiago Casilla found himself in the batter's box during a 14-inning marathon game against the Brewers. He was not comfortable.
5/22/12 - Luckily they all have their hearts set on different Brewers
Hey Ryan Braun, Rickie Weeks and Nyjer Morgan -- Karly, Kristin & Heather are on the prowl.
5/22/12 - Fredbird and the D.A.R.E. Lion take a ride around Busch Stadium
The Cardinals mascot breaks out his Power Wheels to entertain a friend.
5/22/12 - They call him Frenchy ...
Cave Dweller Ricky Mast serenaded Royals outfielder Jeff Francoeur with an original tune Tuesday at the MLB Fan Cave.
5/22/12 - Rockies fan makes Marlins Park his 52nd stadium
Douglas Dinsmoor added the newest Major League park to his list on Monday.
5/22/12 - Baxter the Bobcat out-crunches Kershaw, challenges Kemp
The D-backs mascot says he "doesn't get out worked."
5/22/12 - The Question: Is Stanton MLB's best power hitter?
Where does Giancarlo Stanton rank among the game's power hitters?
5/22/12 - Mr. Met co-stars with Seinfeld, Broderick on Watch What Happens
The Mets mascot grilled up hot dogs while Andy Cohen grilled the two iconic actors.
5/22/12 - Waldo finds blending in a breeze at Reds game
Where's Waldo? Look closely and you'll find him hiding out in the first row behind the dugout.
5/22/12 - Brewers fans give Kobayashi a run for his money
Five fans at Miller Park downed a combined 41 hot dogs on Monday.
5/21/12 - Reds fan catches back-to-back homers
Twenty-year-old Caleb Lloyd had an incredibly lucky night at Great American Ballpark.
5/21/12 - Tampa Bay Rays sport gladiator helmets in dugout
A couple Rays donned some interesting headgear in the dugout during Monday night's game against the Blue Jays.
5/21/12 - Rays fan voting early, often, earlier, more often
The Rays will be represented well in Kansas City if this fan has anything to say about it.
5/21/12 - Astros' Honorary Bat Girl recognized for her strength
Kim Goodwin recognized before Monday's game.
5/21/12 - This guy is no longer a Jayson Werth fan
He likes the Phillies, he likes No. 28, but he does NOT like the current Nationals outfielder.
5/21/12 - Phanatic stays fashionable during rainstorm
Phanatic performs rain dance for crowd.
5/21/12 - Matt Joyce provides a well-timed engagement present
Braves fan Josh Bachman proposed to his Rays fan girlfriend Carley Davis right before Matt Joyce's grand slam on Saturday.
5/21/12 - Phillies fan? Red Sox fan? Confused much?
This Red Sox, Phillies, Papelbon fan seems to be a little confused.
5/20/12 - Mariners fan in Colorado has her own sign language
Mariners fan in Colorado brings her own creativity to the ballpark.
5/20/12 - Livan Hernandez makes it rain ... sunflower seeds!
This Rays ballboy received a seed shower on Sunday after botching a grounder down the line.
5/20/12 - Padres fan makes an impressive play on a screaming foul ball
Yet another Padres fan juggles beer and a foul ball to perfection.
5/20/12 - Michelangelo spotted at Giants game
Michelangleo of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame was at AT&T Park on Sunday. No sign of cheese pizza.
5/20/12 - Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on The Bronx?
This Hulk Hogan impersonator found time between atomic leg drops to stop by Yankee Stadium on Sunday afternoon.
5/20/12 - Brian Wilson immortalized in gnome form
Two fans pull out the stops in their pursuit of replicating the Brian Wilson gnome figurine.
5/20/12 - Who needs a glove when you have ... an umbrella?
Fan at Coors Field flashes the vinyl.
5/20/12 - Mission complete: Father-son duo visit every MLB ballpark
The threesome completed their adventure Friday at Coors Field.
5/19/12 - Our version of the Royal Wedding
These fans held a bridal shower at Kauffman Stadium on Saturday night.
5/19/12 - Philadelphia fans welcome back Pat the Bat
Pat Burrell threw out the first pitch prior to Saturday's game at Citizens Bank Park, officially retiring as a Phillie.
5/19/12 - Adam Jones joins the campaign trail -- for Teddy
Adam Jones thinks it's about time Teddy won the Presidents Race at Nationals Park.
5/19/12 - Is Homer Bailey the real Batman?
Christian Bale and Homer Bailey may have been separated at birth.
5/19/12 - She does have a point about the socks ...
Jonathan Papelbon's jersey is different, but his calf-wear is the same.
5/19/12 - Cancer survivor Sandy Sibley named Honorary Bat Girl
The San Diego resident won this year's contest after being nominated by her son, Scott.
5/19/12 - Kings welcome at Dodger Stadium
L.A. Kings mascot Bailey -- accompanied by the Kings Ice Crew -- threw out the first pitch before Friday's Cardinals-Dodgers game.
5/19/12 - We're gonna need a bigger outfield: Sharkadina takes off
Roger Bernadina's nickname is catching on.
5/19/12 - Padres go back in time to celebrate 1978 team
Just when you thought San Diego couldn't get any better, they throw in retro unis and afros.
5/19/12 - Elvis and the Karate Kid are huge Giants fans
Priscilla and Mr. Miyagi were getting another round when this picture was taken.
5/19/12 - Introducing Melky Cabrera's biggest fans
Finally, there is a Melky Cabrera fan club that uses a milkman reference.
5/18/12 - Bobby Valentine gets ejected, has gum ejected onto him
The Red Sox skipper received an accidental parting gift from Gary Darling on Friday night.
5/18/12 - Edwin Jackson makes one lucky fan's day
Edwin Jackson gives his batting gloves to a lucky fan.
5/18/12 - This Yankees/New York Giants fan wants you to know who's No. 1
Yankees fan wears either the most beautiful or ugliest jersey you've ever seen. It all depends on your allegiances.
5/18/12 - Bullpen catchers -- what do they do all day???
The Padres' Griffin Benedict plays every role from receptionist to pitching coach.
5/17/12 - Ladies night in DC means giant inflatable guitars and mics
No airbanding at Nationals park!
5/17/12 - D-backs players keep all the balls in the air
D-backs players show off their juggling prowess before Thursday's game at Coors Field.
5/17/12 - The MLB Twitter All-Stars need a new manager
Ozzie Guillen has decided to stop tweeting.
5/17/12 - Un-bee-lievable scene at Coors Field
A massive swarm of bees delayed Thursday's game at Coors Field.
5/17/12 - Mets don hockey jerseys for trip to Canada
The Mets got into the hockey spirit as they headed north of the border.
5/17/12 - Prince doppelganger changes jerseys
The only reason we know for sure this isn't really Prince Fielder is because he was batting cleanup in the Twins-Tigers game at the exact same time.
5/17/12 - Hey David Wright ... call them, maybe?
Young fans from Alabama use a catchy sign to try to get David Wright's attention.
5/17/12 - The Question: Who's the year's biggest surprise?
Which player is the biggest pleasant surprise in baseball so far in 2012?
5/17/12 - Teach me how to Cuddy, teach me, teach me how to Cuddy ...
It's unclear whether Michael Cuddyer is the inspiration for a new dance craze or if this fan just wants to hit like the Rockies right fielder.
5/17/12 - 'Evan Meek, will you go to prom with me?'
A Pirates fan in Washington D.C. makes a last-ditch attempt to find a prom date.
5/17/12 - Alex Gordon experiences the most unpleasant foul ball
Alex Gordon experiences some discomfort after fouling a ball into an unfortunate area.
5/17/12 - Gary Sinise delivers a first pitch for the ages
Gary Sinise should not quit his day job.
5/16/12 - The return of the Rally Squirrel (!) -- at Coors Field?
Squirrel runs across the field, earns 15 seconds of fame. Sound familiar?
5/16/12 - Nationals celebrate Military Appreciation Night
The Nats saluted armed forces with various pregame ceremonies ahead of Wednesday's game against the Pittsburgh Pirates.
5/16/12 - Mets fans love them some Dunkin' Donuts
Dunkin' Donuts mascot Cuppy paid a visit to Citi Field on Wednesday.
5/16/12 - Busch Stadium edible power rankings: Treat Yo Self edition
What if peanuts and Crackerjack just won't cut it as ballpark sweets?
5/16/12 - You know it's Preakness week in Baltimore ...
... When the Budweiser Clydesdales are available for photo ops outside Camden Yards.
5/16/12 - Who's your Craw-Daddy?
San Fran fans came out in force for Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford on Tuesday.
5/16/12 - Brandon Inge on facing Brandon Inge
Brandon In appeared on Intentional talk on Tuesday and revealed his 12-pack.
5/16/12 - The Question: What now for Lawrie?
Brett Lawrie lost his cool and then some on Tuesday night, spiking his batting helmet in the direction of home plate umpire Bill Miller after he was rung up on a disputed strike-three call.
5/16/12 - All the freaks come out for a Tim Lincecum start
An eclectic grouping of Giants fans came out to see the "The Freak" pitch against the Rockies on Tuesday.
5/16/12 - Do the O's need an extra outfielder?
A fan at Tuesday's game makes a fantastic grab to catch a homer with his glove.
5/15/12 - Meet Ron Washington: The puppet
Rangers fan crafted a puppet of Ron Washington.
5/15/12 - Good luck finding a more bizarre inning of baseball than this one
More bizarre? Bizarrer? Either way, things got WEIRD in Washington on Tuesday.
5/15/12 - Ozzie: Stanton is the next Thome, and other ramblings
Ozzie Guillen appeared on Intentional Talk discussing the home run sculpture, Miami culture and his old teammate John Kruk.
5/15/12 - The bigger they are, the harder they fall -- Carlos Lee edition
Carlos Lee and Hunter Wendelstedt collide. As the Astros broadcasters say: That's a big man hitting a big man.
5/15/12 - Remember that week when Mike Piazza was a Marlin?
Fourteen years ago today, the Marlins and Dodgers completed possibly the most late-90's trade of the late 90's.
5/15/12 - The Question: How many homers for Bryce?
With about 80 percent of the season left, how high can Bryce Harper fly?
5/15/12 - Sophia Grace meets Magic -- in a tutu, of course ...
Nine-year-old signing phenom Sophia Grace visited Dodger Stadium. In a tutu.
5/15/12 - American Idol star Adam Lambert rocks the MLB Fan Cave
20-year-old singer gives riveting seven-song performance.
5/15/12 - Josh Hamilton is not terribly fond of his new lumber
Replacing a Hall of Fame stick is never easy.
5/14/12 - John Mabry, still versatile after all these years
The Cardinals' assistant hitting coach also takes care of business from the mound.
5/14/12 - Chef Lou Seal's signature dish? Likely something fishy
World-renowned chef Traci Des Jardins presented Lou Seal with a white chef coat before Monday's game against the Rockies.
5/14/12 - David Price's home run trot is in midseason form
The Rays starter went deep during BP on Sunday and took a full lap around the bases.
5/14/12 - Beware of dog, A-Rod
Alex Rodriguez was startled by combat dog Sgt. Rex during a pregame ceremony at Yankee Stadium on Mother's Day
5/14/12 - Hamilton's bat is headed to the Hall
After whacking nine homers in six games, the Rangers center fielder is sending his historic lumber to Cooperstown.
5/14/12 - Mo's journey back: Don't Stop Relievin'
Mariano Rivera's decision not to retire inspired this amazing Journey cover.
5/14/12 - Crabs and baseball -- that's what Maryland does!
This future crabcake was spotted at Camden Yards on Sunday.
5/14/12 - The Parrot family celebrates Mother's Day in Pittsburgh
The Pirate Parrot brought his mother out to PNC Park on Sunday.
5/14/12 - How does Aaron Rodgers keep his arm in shape?
By throwing batting practice to that other MVP in Wisconsin.
5/14/12 - Female White Sox fans enjoy spa day at the Cell
The White Sox offered free massages for all women in attendance this weekend, helping fans relieve the stress from two losses to the Royals.
5/14/12 - The Question: Best week ever?
Did Josh Hamilton just have the most dominant week at the plate that anyone has ever seen?
5/13/12 - Mother's Day a time for family at Dodger Stadium
Several players had their moms on hand Sunday to throw out ceremonial first pitches.
5/13/12 - These kids know what to get their mom for Mother's Day
This brother and sister let Ian Kinsler know their mom is single during Sunday's game in Arlington.
5/13/12 - Cancer survivor discusses being honorary bat girl
Stacey Dyer talks about winning the "Mother's Day lottery" to be the honorary bat girl for the D-backs.
5/13/12 - T.C. Bear shares Mother's Day with wife bear and cubs
T.C. Bear's relatives left the den to join him for Mother's Day
5/13/12 - Fredbird spends Mother's Day with his mom
There were multiple members of the Fredbird family at Sunday's Cardinals game.
5/13/12 - Bride-to-be Twins fan set to inherit comical name
Meg came to Target Field on Saturday to celebrate her bachelorette party. Soon, she will inherit a name straight out of the prank callers' handbook.
5/12/12 - Carlos Ruiz is hitting everything in sight ... EVERYTHING
INCOMING! May we suggest some pine tar, Mr. Ruiz?
5/12/12 - Thunder Dan Majerle is still making plays in Phoenix
Former Phoenix Suns great, Dan Majerle, was once a prolific three-point shooter in the NBA. On Saturday he made another slick play, but in a different venue.
5/12/12 - Even Siri can't figure out how to slow down Josh Hamilton
MLB players took to Twitter to express their admiration for The Natural's hot streak.
5/12/12 - LoMo, is that you?
We caught a fan dressed up like Spiderman at the Marlins game LoMoing.
5/12/12 - So that's how Reggie hit all those homers ...
The Hall of Famer swung a big bat Saturday at the Pepsi MAX Field of Dreams Game in Columbus, Ohio.
5/12/12 - Marlins mount late comeback ... thanks to Rally Tubby?
Tinky Winky made an appearance at Marlins Park before Mike Stanton's ninth-inning double on Friday.
5/12/12 - Blind fan's ballpark journey takes him to Target Field
Reggie Deal visits Target Field as part of his effort to visit 30 parks in 30 days.
5/12/12 - John Axford leaves a note after wife goes into labor
Ducking interviews after a blown save? Nope -- the Brewers closer had a legit excuse for racing out of Miller Park last night.
5/11/12 - Tommy Lasorda moonlights as member of Far East Movement
Well, not exactly. But the former Dodgers skipper did pause before Friday's game to snap a photo with the group.
5/11/12 - Ed Reed makes a throw for a change
Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed is one of football's brightest defensive stars. On Friday, he showed off his passing skills at Camden Yards.
5/11/12 - Tony La Russa receives Tony La Russa bobblehead
TLR's family and friends took home mini versions of the former Cardinals skipper on Friday.
5/11/12 - 30 Rock catches up with Byung-Hyun Kim
Be careful where you go looking for former big league side-armers.
5/11/12 - The Question: C.J. or Yu?
Who would you rather have for the next five or six years, Wilson or Darvish?
5/11/12 - That awkward moment when ...
You're taking a candid photo of Jim Leyland and he turns to look directly at you.
5/11/12 - Because Jeff Francoeur already claimed Tuesdays ...
A's outfielder/WWE aficionado Josh Reddcik declared Title Thursday in Oakland.
5/10/12 - Robbie Ross plays Blue-Gray game
Robbie Ross warms up wearing wrong color jersey.
5/10/12 - Orioles fan wears towel-cape, snags foul ball
When you wear face paint and a cape, you deserve a souvenir.
5/10/12 - Hines Ward throws out first pitch at Pirates game
The former Steelers receiver did the honors before Thursday's game at PNC Park.
5/10/12 - Yankees honor tornado survivor with unforgettable night
A tornado survivor, who lost both her legs while saving her children, was treated to a special night at Yankee Stadium.
5/10/12 - Erick Aybar stars in 'Messing with Pujols'
The Angels shortstop woke the wrath of Albert following Wednesday's win.
5/10/12 - Ad hoc hawker slings Salted Nut Rolls at Target Field
Twins fan A.J. Johnson answered a challenge from vendor Wonderful Wayne on Wednesday night.
5/10/12 - Boxing great Emanuel Steward visits Dodger Stadium
Emanuel Steward paid a visit to Dodger Stadium.
5/10/12 - No horseplay as Derby winner throws out first pitch
Winner of Kentucky Derby throws out first pitch at Wednesday's Dodgers game.
5/9/12 - Phillie Phanatic crashes SNY broadcast
The Phillie Phanatic gets his revenge on the Mets by paying a visit to the SNY broadcast booth.
5/9/12 - Jeff Niemann bears a striking resemblance to Jeff Daniels
The YES Network thinks Jeff Niemann resembles actor, Jeff Daniels. Agree or disagree?
5/9/12 - How not to throw a no-no: Weaver reads Letterman Top 10
The Angels ace revealed the "signs you'll never throw a no-hitter" on Tuesday's Late Show.
5/9/12 - Bucs fan gets up close and personal with Yamaico Navarro
Two friends had front row seats for this Yamaico Navarro theft of a home run. One of them wasn't in his seat for the close encounter.
5/9/12 - Josh Hamilton turns baseball field into Slip 'n Slide
Josh Hamilton turns a rain delay into recess.
5/9/12 - Giveaway at Yankees game is a gnome-ber one hit
The Yankees handed out a garden gnome to the first 18,000 fans at Wednesday's game.
5/9/12 - Introducing THE San Diego Padre
Petco Park was graced by the presence of a true Padre on Wednesday. Ok, so he wasn't a real Padre, but it's close.
5/9/12 - BUSTED on Senior Skip Day at Miller Park
Now this is our kind of Senior Skip Day.
5/9/12 - OK, but we will put you on the Internet
Fans will put just about anything on a sign to get attention.
5/9/12 - The Yankees' Double-A affiliate has a proposition for you
The Trenton Thunder go about a new way of driving ticket sales.
5/9/12 - Greeny and Golic on the bump
ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike throw out the first pitch before an Indians game.
5/9/12 - The Question: Where will Josh play in 2013?
Josh Hamilton may be on his way to the best year of his career, and that's saying something.
5/9/12 - D-backs fans share not-so-intimate first date
Couple has first date broadcast during D-backs game.
5/9/12 - Right in the suds! Fan snags ball, slams beer
Fan drinks beer. Fan catches foul ball. Fan makes a mess drinking beer with ball in cup.
5/9/12 - Strange life-size monkey attends A's game
One fan decided to come to the A's game as a monkey. She was then asked to leave. Maybe monkeys need tickets too?
5/9/12 - Kris Medlen makes fans work for souvenir ball
Kris Medlen tossed a foul ball to fans, but purposely tossed it out of the way so they'd have to sprint for it.
5/9/12 - Kerry Wood tosses glove, hat to fans at Wrigley Field
Cubs reliever gives fans souvenirs after poor performance
5/9/12 - Players to Josh Hamilton: You da man!
MLB took to Twitter to congratulate The Natural in the wake of his four-homer epic.
5/9/12 - Picture perfect: Artist documents Yankees game
A woman at Tuesday night's Rays-Yankees game felt it necessary to draw what she saw.
5/9/12 - Jim Leyland has a very clever impostor
A Tigers fan in Seattle took to the stands in full Jim Leyland regalia on Tuesday night.
5/9/12 - Fans play tug of war over Cody Ross' bat
Five fans battle for control of souvenir.
5/8/12 - Cardinals fan gets signatures tattooed on arm
St. Louis fan gets signatures of favorite Cardinals tattooed on arm.
5/8/12 - Harvard baseball team covers 'Call Me Maybe'
The Harvard baseball team does a fantastic rendition of "Call Me Maybe."
5/8/12 - Jemile Weeks is always a step ahead of the game
In a new A's ad campaign, we see that Jemile Weeks' need for speed extends into every aspect of his life.
5/8/12 - Miss Washington throws out ceremonial first pitch
Miss Washington was at Safeco Field on Monday, and she showed off her arm for the crowd.
5/8/12 - The Question: Is Albert ready to break out?
Is Pujols now due for a hot spell?
5/8/12 - It's me, Dad!
Lt. Col. Paul Aguirre returned home from Afghanistan early to surprise his kids during their first pitch before Monday's Cardinals-Diamondbacks game.
5/8/12 - Cast of musical sings "Star Spangled Banner" at Padres game
The cast of "Hands on a Hardbody" sang the national anthem before Monday night's game at Petco Park.
5/7/12 - Mitchell Boggs shows off his dance skills during warm-ups
Why stretch when you can dance?
5/7/12 - Two Minor Leaguers combine to make Major League catch
Double-A outfielders Austin Wates and Brandon Barnes teamed up for a ridiculous over-the-fence snag.
5/7/12 - Shane Victorino returns the favor to Daniel Dae Kim
Actor Daniel Dae Kim, who grew up in Easton, Pa., and is stars in CBS’ Hawaii Five-O, poses with Shane Victorino after throwing out the first pitch at Citzens Bank Park on Monday.
5/7/12 - These Girl Scouts have game
Girl scouts can play ball too.
5/7/12 - Curse of the donkey at Coors Field?
Petey the donkey posed for photos outside of Coors Field on Sunday.
5/7/12 - There is no diving allowed at the Kauffman Stadium pool
And also no swimming. Only looking at the pool is allowed.
5/6/12 - Darrell Green, Adrian Dantley inducted into DC Sports HOF
The Washington DC Sports Hall of Fame, joined by mayor Vincent Gray, enshrined six legendary District sports figures on Sunday.
5/6/12 - Giants fans serenade Willie Mays with "Happy Birthday"
Fans at At&T Park sing Happy Birthday to Giants legend Willie Mays.
5/6/12 - D-backs broadcast loses sound and gets artistic
Mark Grace and Darron Sutton were forced to play Draw Something after an audio blackout on Sunday.
5/6/12 - Hey Ike Davis .... interested?
Forget a marriage proposal Shania just wants a date.
5/6/12 - I'M A MAN, I'M 40! Chipper, Moyer jaw at one another
Chipper Jones and Jamie Moyer highlighted the undercard of Saturday's Mayweather v. Cotto championship bout. Well, not really, but they could have.
5/6/12 - Now EVERYONE wants to be Albert Pujols' hitting coach ...
Forget being a Monday morning quarterback, we have ourselves some early-May managers!
5/6/12 - Joe Maddon sunglasses may cause swag overdose
The Rays had a unique promotional giveaway before Sunday's game against the A's.
5/6/12 - Lessons in sliding, with Gio Gonzalez
Nationals pitcher puts on a stumbling display for the ages.
5/6/12 - Why we should all wish Willie Mays a happy 81st birthday
One of the best plays in MLB history. Shall we never forget.
5/6/12 - FAIR or FOUL? The Moose Man's got style
George King is one dedicated Mariners fan.
5/5/12 - Royals honor the pine tar game, 29 years later
The Royals pay homage to George Brett with pine tar bat night against the Yankees.
5/5/12 - Chipper Jones is right on target
Chipper Jones takes batting practice to a new level
5/5/12 - Tigger, is that you?
A fan dressed as a tiger gets Adam Dunn's autograph
5/5/12 - It's a Citi Field Cinco de Mayo celebration
Sombreros are typical Cinco de Mayo garb. Thick mustaches are impressive, especially on these youngsters.
5/5/12 - Lou Seal celebrates Cinco de Mayo
Lou Seal and a group of friends celebrated Cinco de Mayo before Saturday's game against the Brewers.
5/5/12 - A phunny thing happened on the way to Nationals Park
A young Phillies fan decided to wear his halloween costume to the game.
5/5/12 - Phillies fans celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Washington
Phillies fans got their Cinco de Mayo celebrations underway in Washington, D.C.
5/5/12 - Cinco de Mayo came one day early to Petco Park
Food and drink specials, beautiful weather and oversized glasses. What else could you want?
5/5/12 - Pearl of a Jam: McCready plays anthem in Seattle
Pearl Jam guitarist plays National Anthem at Friday's Mariners game.
5/4/12 - Fan wears banana suit to Pirates game
A fan showed up at Friday's Pirates game dressed as a banana.
5/4/12 - Mets honor Beastie Boys star Adam Yauch
New York batters ditched their regular walk-up music in favor of Beastie Boys hits on Friday.
5/4/12 - Senate majority leader Harry Reid visits Nationals Park
Harry Reid visits fellow Nevada native Bryce Harper.
5/4/12 - MLB players react to the passing of Adam "MCA" Yauch
MCA and the Beastie Boys had an impact on players across the league.
5/4/12 - Drinks in Frenchy's Quarter are on Frenchy
The Royals right fielder bought a round for fans in right field at Kauffman Stadium on Thursday.
5/4/12 - The Question: Exit Sandman?
Have we seen the last of Mariano Rivera on a Major League mound?
5/4/12 - 'It's Time for Dodger Baseball!'
We want to extend the tradition to our passionate fans online!
5/4/12 - Players send their well wishes to Mariano
MLB took to Twitter to express hope for the future Hall of Famer.
5/3/12 - 'Memphis' star and Fredbird perform in duet first pitch
The star of the Broadway show "Memphis" threw out the first pitch at Thursday's Cardinals game.
5/3/12 - Busch vendor has been with the program since 1965
Joe Palermo has been selling programs, scorecards and yearbooks at Cardinals games for 47 years.
5/3/12 - Did they serve cake on the mound?
Ryan Dempster and Homer Bailey made Major League history just by waking up a year older on Thursday.
5/3/12 - Move over Bazooka Joe ... here comes Bazooka David
David Price broke his personal record for how many piece of gum he could chew at once.
5/3/12 - Mr. Met voted top mascot in all of sports
A recent poll sought to determine the Top 10 mascots in American sports. Six of them were MLB mascots. Can you guess who they were?
5/3/12 - Baseball reacts to Jered Weaver's no-hitter
Teammates and rivals congratulate the Angels ace.
5/3/12 - In case Bud Black ever needs a day off ...
Three-year old William Diamond-Stanic had a blast hanging with Padres players and coaches before delivering the lineup card on Wednesday.
5/3/12 - 25 years later, Padres host Melvin Holt is still loving his job
Ever wonder what it's like to be a host at a big league ballpark? Watch as Melvin Holt tells you all about it.
5/2/12 - Brian McCann gets poked in the eye after hitting a grand slam
Brian McCann gets poked in the eye after hitting a grand slam.
5/2/12 - MLB players share their thoughts about Junior Seau's passing
From coast to coast, athletes remember the NFL legend.
5/2/12 - Rays fan sticks the landing after somersault over rail
He didn't catch the ball, but he did earn a 9.5 from the judges.
5/2/12 - Not only does Santa Claus exist, he vacations in Houston
Santa Claus and family spotted by cameras at Minute Maid Park in Houston. No sign of reindeer.
5/2/12 - You got tickets ... to the Bryce Harper BP show?
The Nats phenom showed off some serious pop before Wednsday's game.
5/2/12 - Woman celebrates 100th birthday at Blue Jays game
Blue Jays fan celebrates 100th birthday at Wednesday's game.
5/2/12 - 'Staches propel Descalso in '80 baseball card challenge
With an assist from John Kruk, Daniel Descalso takes down Jon Jay in the Cardinals' Old Skool Baseball Card Tournament.
5/2/12 - Is David Price having some fun with Rays lineup?
The Rays’ posted lineups looked a little suspect on Tuesday and Wednesday.
5/2/12 - Bite into Dusty's Bacon Burger for charity
Dusty Baker teamed up with the Johnny Rockets by Great American Ball Park to raise money for his charity.
5/2/12 - Vin Scully vs. Magic Johnson 1-on-1: WHO YA GOT?
Only a freak infinitive incident prevented Scully and Magic from taking to the hardwood.
5/2/12 - Check out rockin' Rangers rookie Robbie Ross
Rookie Robbie Ross deals with the traditions of rookie hazing.
5/2/12 - Is Gio Gonzalez actually Captain America?
Intentional Talk gives Gio Gonzalez a hard time about forgetting about his appearance on the show.
5/2/12 - Want fries with that? Hodad's burgers come to Petco
Decorated with license plates and all, Hodad's added to the Petco Park lineup.
5/2/12 - Fire midfielder Marco Pappa's skills aren't limited to the pitch
The footballer threw perfect strike to John Danks at US Cellular Field on Tuesday.
5/2/12 - You can lead a horse to the concession stand ...
But you can't make him buy a frosty beverage and drink it during the sixth inning of a Giants game.
5/2/12 - The Question: How will Rays fare without Longo?
The Rays entered May atop the AL East, but are now without star third baseman, Evan Longoria. How will they fare until he returns to the lineup?
5/2/12 - Fergie Jenkins and Rick Nash: The new Odd Couple?
Hall of Fame pitcher Fergie Jenkins and NHL All-Star Rick Nash took in a ballgame at Rogers Centre on Tuesday.
5/1/12 - Boston fans bring Sox-y back
These Red Sox fans show their dedication.
5/1/12 - 4,000 games later, Tim McClelland still hasn't seen it all
Jeff Francoeur, Austin Jackson and Tim McClelland were all key parts of this bizarre sequence in Detroit.
5/1/12 - Cameraman swipes candy from Rays first-base coach
George Hendricks teases cameraman with candy.
5/1/12 - Rockies fans make quick work of chalk logo
On Opening Day, artists sketched out the Rockies logo using only chalk
5/1/12 - No Knicks fan: Girardi spotted wearing Brooklyn Nets hat
Looks like Yankees skipper Joe Girardi is already siding with Jay-Z over Spike Lee.
5/1/12 - Somebody isn't enjoying date night at Petco Park
Don't worry, she was smiling again seconds later.
5/1/12 - Brett Lawrie talks underwear with Victoria's Secret's Elsa Hosk
Boxers or briefs? The Blue Jays third baseman reveals his choice.
5/1/12 - Phillies fans may recognize the newest member of the Avengers
David Letterman revealed a new addition to the superhero team during Monday's monologue.
5/1/12 - The Question: Are Rangers MLB's best team?
Are the Rangers the prohibitive World Series favorite at this point?
5/1/12 - Bryce Harper pinch-hits in softball game on the National Mall
The Nationals phenom took a few hacks for the Alliance to Save Energy in their slow-pitch game against the World Wildlife Fund on Monday.
5/1/12 - Look ma, one hand!
With arm in a sling, Padres fan makes barehanded catch.
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