Posted 6/3/12 at 8:56 PM

Meet Anthony G., the umpires' biggest supporter

In the event an umpire needs to leave a game due to injury, the crew usually finishes the contest with three men instead of four. If one of the umps Gerry Davis' officiating team was to miss time on Sunday, however, there was a backup ready and waiting in stands at Miller Park.

While most fans near the Pirates dugout before the first pitch were hoping to get autographs from the likes of Andrew McCutchen, Anthony Geinopolis, a native of New Berlin, Wis., was waiting for the umps to emerge so he could add to the collection of more than 60 autographs in his umpire's booklet. Anthony has collected those signatures, spanning a handful of stadiums, during the seven years he has donned umpire garb at Major League games.

Anthony has been to over 200 games in his "career" and has worn his umpire's outfit since he was 8 years old. Fieldin Culbreth, Anthony's favorite umpire, mailed Anthony the shirt he wore during the 2008 World Series.

Culbreth was the first umpire Anthony met, and the two have become good friends over the last few years.

According to his YouTube page, Anthony is autistic and doesn't talk very much, unless it's to the umps. When an official asked him who his favorite team is, he replied without hesitation, "you guys." Anthony's ultimate goal is to become an umpire some day.

Some players or coaches may argue with the umpires. Fans might boo. But the umps won't hear anything negative coming from Anthony, who always asks them to "Do their best!"

--Adam DeCock

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