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Metra/Rock Island

Metra's 35th Street "Lou" Jones Station along the Rock Island line provides an easy walk to U.S. Cellular Field. Weekday post-game outbound trains depart 35th Street Station at 9:51 and 11:21pm. In addition to scheduled inbound and outbound trains serving the station, additional service will include:

  • Weekend/Holiday Games

    Weekend/Holiday Games - An extra inbound train will arrive approximately 45 minutes prior to the scheduled first pitch for 1:10 p.m. starts. A post-game train will depart outbound to Joliet approximately 30 minutes after the game. For all 6:10 p.m. starts, regularly scheduled inbound trains will have additional capacity. A post-game train will depart outbound to Joliet approximately 30 minutes after the game/fireworks making stops at Gresham, Blue Island and all stops to Joliet.

    With Metra's $7 Weekend Pass, you get unlimited travel all day Saturday and Sunday for just 7 bucks and you can take up to three children 11 and under along for free.

    For the most up-to-date game day service information including weekend inbound train schedules to meet the various scheduled first pitch start times, check frequently throughout the season.

    Trains may be subject to minor delays due to capacity.

  • Weekend White Sox Extra Trains

      1:10 GAME
    Joliet Lv 11:10
    New Lenox 11:19
    Mokena 11:25
    Hickory Creek 11:29
    Tinley - 80th 11:32
    Tinley Park 11:36
    Oak Forest 11:41
    Midlothian 11:45
    Robbins 11:47
    Blue Island - Vermont 11:51
    Prairie St. 11:53
    123rd St. 11:55
    119th St. 11:57
    115th St. - Morgan Park 11:59
    111th St. - Morgan Park 12:01
    107th St. - Beverly Hills 12:03
    103rd St. - Beverly Hills 12:05
    99th St. - Beverly Hills 12:07
    95th St. - Beverly Hills 12:09
    91st St. - Beverly Hills 12:11
    Brainerd 12:13
    103rd St. - Washington Hts.  
    95th St. - Longwood  
    Gresham 12:16
    35th St. / "Lou" Jones Ar 12:24

    Games which start at 6:10 will have additional seating capacity added to the regular service.