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Group Fundraising

Scout Night

Are you looking for a new or more exciting way to raise money for your non-profit organization?

The Brewers offer several fundraising dates for which you have the ability to purchase Brewers tickets at reduced rates. You can then resell them at full price with the proceeds benefiting your organization.

The Milwaukee Brewers have the perfect opportunity for you -- just follow the steps below:

  1. Pick a game date (excludes group Marquee and Gold games).
  2. Pick a location.
  3. Buy tickets at a special group rate.
  4. Brewers will print the gate rate on the tickets you receive.
  5. Sell them for up to gate rate, and keep the profit (please note tickets will be printed with the face value price).

Example: If your organization purchases 25 tickets at a discounted rate of $21 per ticket and resells them at their face value of $42 per ticket, your profit will be $525!

Group tickets are subject to demand based pricing after March 31, 2015. Please contact the Group Sales office at 414-902-GRPS (4777) for more information regarding fundraising opportunities.


Group Tickets are NOT available for Opening Day

For more information call: 414-902-GRPS (4777)