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Congratulations to this year's winners!
Here are the final vote tallies for the 2002 This Year in Baseball Awards.
Hunter's All-Star Catch
Torii Hunter jumped high above the wall to rob Barry Bonds of a first-inning home run at the 2002 All-Star Game.
56K | 300K
Giambi's Grand Slam: 26%
Tejada's Game-Winning HR: 16%
Berkman's on the Hill Catch: 14%
Long Robs Ramirez: 13%
Grace the Ace
Mark Grace did his best Mike Fetters impersonation during a rare relief appearance for the Diamondbacks.
56K | 300K
Piniella Gets Tossed: 22%
Millar Takes a Dive: 10%
Miscues of Jason Lane: 9%
Anncr. Calls It Like He Sees It: 9%
Chris Hammond - Atl
With a 0.95 ERA, Hammond became just the third pitcher since 1900 to produce a sub-1.00 ERA with 70-plus innings.
56K | 300K
J.C. Romero - Min: 25%
Octavio Dotel - Hou: 19%
Arthur Rhodes - Sea: 11%
Alan Embree - Bos: 9%
Torii Hunter - Min
Hunter won his second straight AL Gold Glove Award in 2002.
56K | 300K
Andruw Jones: 23%
Omar Vizquel: 13%
Ichiro Suzuki: 11%
Mike Bordick: 9%
Jim Edmonds: 8%
Darin Erstad: 8%
Bengie Molina: 2%
John Smoltz - Atl
Smoltz set the NL single-season record with 55 saves. He posted a 1.60 ERA in his final 50 IP.
56K | 300K
Barry Zito - Oak: 19%
Randy Johnson - Ari: 16%
Pedro Martinez - Bos: 15%
Eric Gagne - LA: 13%
Derek Lowe - Bos: 6%
Curt Schilling - Ari: 4%
Alex Rodriguez - Tex
Rodriguez tallied monster numbers in 2002, leading both leagues with 57 home runs and 142 RBIs.
56K | 300K
Barry Bonds: 16%
Alfonso Soriano: 14%
John Smoltz: 10%
Albert Pujols: 8%
Miguel Tejada: 5%
Randy Johnson: 4%
Pedro Martinez: 3%
Vladimir Guerrero: 3%
Eric Gagne: 3%
Barry Zito: 2%
Curt Schilling: 1%