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MLB 2009, The ultimate baseball simulation game
Play your way to the World Series, build a custom team, or change history in the new mobile 3-D game featuring real MLB teams and stats.
Features Include:

Season Mode: Play a 16, 32, or 64-game season and take your team to October.

World Series Mode: Set your own postseason bracket and try to win it all.

Custom Team: Build your own team.

Roster Update: Use your phone's data connection to receive up-to-date stats.

Replay: Download recent game results, take over from any at-bat and and try to change history.

How To Get It

Verizon Wireless Customers

On your Phone:
  1. From your phone's main menu, navigate to Media Center and select Games.
    (Older devices look under Get It Now and then select either Games or Get Fun & Games).
  2. Select Get New Applications or Get New App., then select the Sports category.
  3. Select the title "MLB 2009 3D" from the list or visit the Verizon Wireless Store.
  4. Review the pricing options, then follow the instructions to purchase and download.
  5. Enjoy!

(Note: If you don't see the apps listed, a version may not yet be available for your phone. Try back later as we add new phone regularly.)

Coming soon to other mobile service providers - stay tuned!