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Own every All-Star minute
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07/13/2004 11:50 PM ET
Own every All-Star minute
Digital Download lets you keep the '04 All-Star Game
tickets for any Major League Baseball game
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Every All-Star Weekend has a hard drive worth of memories.

The 75th Midsummer Classic was no exception. Luckily for you, you can be the proud owner of every minute of it.'s exclusive Digital Download Service is the reason for this rare opportunity. For just $3.95, you can store the entire All-Star Game on your computer. Throw in another $3.95 and the Century 21 Home Run Derby can be yours as well.

Imagine if this technology -- available through any high-speed connection in Windows Media (9.0) format -- had existed for the past 75 years. Fans on July 7, 1933 would have been clamoring to have Babe Ruth's home run -- a christening of the first All-Star Game in history -- as a keepsake the day after he hit it in old Comiskey Park in Chicago. Or perhaps July 13, 1955 would have been a huge day for downloads, with people wanting to watch Stan Musial's dramatic 12th-inning game-winning blast from the previous day's All-Star Game over and over again.

The list of indelible All-Star memories began quickly in the 75th All-Star Game. The American League didn't waste any time bringing out the bats, and that early surge was enough to hold off the National League.

The Home Run Derby has been a fan favorite for years, from Ken Griffey Jr.'s back-to-back titles to Mark McGwire's display at Fenway Park, from Sammy Sosa going off in Atlanta to Garret Anderson's surprising win a year ago. This year's Derby certainly is a keeper, with a focus on the 500-homer club. Miguel Tejada walked away with the trophy, but not before all the participants provided many thrills.

You can order right now. At just $3.95 each for the Home Run Derby and the All-Star Game, a little less than eight bucks gets you permanent ownership of a slice of baseball history.

So far during the 2004 season, baseball fans have used the Digital Download Service to add Randy Johnson's perfect Game, his memorable 4000th career strikeout performance and the classic Yankees-Red Sox game from July 1.

The Digital Download Service is one of the many exclusive video products and services available at and each of the 30 club sites. Visit's Video Central for a menu of choices, and be part of the MLB.TV generation if you aren't yet. With a $14.95 monthly subscription to that, you can view virtually every game of the season live online -- and you can always watch archived games shortly thereafter.

Jonathan Mayo is a reporter for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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