MIAMI -- Pitch recognition seems to be what's bothering Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton right now.

Batting .234 with no home runs and five RBIs, Stanton was out of the lineup on Saturday night against the D-backs.

In Spring Training, Stanton missed substantial time due to a sore left knee. The previous injury, manager Ozzie Guillen says, is not the problem.

"He's fine," the manager said. "You know what the problem he has is? He's not swinging at strikes. Watching from the dugout, he's chasing bad pitches, up and down.

"Not too many players are that good to make contact on a ball up at your chest and a ball down below your knees. To me, the last couple of weeks, he's chasing bad pitches, and that's why he's getting in trouble."

One of the strongest players in the game, the 22-year-old Stanton had dealt with high expectations since he broke into the big leagues in 2010. The right fielder belted 34 homers a year ago, and before the season, there was talk that he might hit 40 or more.

Guillen says people need to ease on the expectations and let Stanton develop into a quality player.

"I don't know the kid," the manager said. "I didn't have the chance to see him much in Spring Training. He seems like he's a streaky hitter. But he's only 22 years old. We have to be patient with him.

"The expectations on him ... let's step off a little bit and let him play and see the results. Before the season started, this kid was going to hit 60 home runs and drive in 130. When you're 21, 22 years old, not many kids can handle that. I'm not saying he can't. I told him, 'Just play your game, man.'"

Once Stanton shows more plate discipline, the numbers should be there.

"Right now, he's trying to figure it out like everybody else," Guillen said. "It's easy when you're a veteran, but when you're a kid, you don't know how. Right now, we're trying to get him back on track."

Reyes, Bonifacio swap spots atop Marlins order

MIAMI -- To jump-start the offense, Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen is taking a first things first approach.

So Guillen made a change at the top of the order Saturday, flip-flopping Jose Reyes and Emilio Bonifacio.

Bonifacio led off against the D-backs, while Reyes was slotted second for the first time since July 10, 2010, while with the Mets against the Braves.

"For me, it doesn't matter," the All-Star shortstop said. "I've done it in the past."

Reyes is in a 3-for-23 (.130) rut in his last six games, and his season average has dipped to .205. Bonifacio, who batted leadoff last year, is hitting .260.

"I'm swinging at a lot of bad pitches," Reyes said. "I've got to let the pitches come to me.

"Hopefully I can turn it around, starting tonight. I know if I get hot, everybody is going to get hot. I know if I get on base, something good is going to happen for this team."

Reyes hasn't scored a run since April 18, and he has just six runs on the season.

Collectively, the Marlins are in a slump. In their six-game losing streak, they have six total runs.

"I just have to figure out something, see a different look in the lineup," Guillen said. "Hopefully, we can soon go back to what the lineup should be. I think right now, we're struggling as a team. We're trying to make things happen. When Reyes gets hot, we'll put him back in the leadoff spot."

Reyes has been antsy at the plate, and Guillen hopes that the move to the second spot allows him see more fastballs.

"We did it for a reason," the manager said. "Hopefully he will see more fastballs and he can be more patient at the plate. Hopefully he can see Boni on base. There are a lot of factors. When he starts swinging the bat better, we will move him back to where he belongs."

Infante could miss rest of series with sore groin

MIAMI -- The on-again, off-again sore groin that has plagued Omar Infante continues to be an issue.

The Marlins second baseman was out Saturday and was expected to miss Sunday's game against the D-backs at Marlins Park. And manager Ozzie Guillen hasn't ruled out also sitting Infante on Monday in the series finale.

"I'd rather have him two days out than 15," Guillen said. "That's why we've got to monitor that very carefully."

Emilio Bonifacio played second on Saturday, while Chris Coghlan was in center field.

The sore left groin has now resulted in Infante not starting in five of Miami's first 20 games. Infante has been the team's most consistent hitter, batting .315 with five home runs and seven RBIs.

Guillen noticed Infante was a bit hobbled in Friday's 5-0 loss.

"He's been dealing with that for the last couple of weeks," Guillen said. "I didn't see him moving well yesterday. I doubt he is playing tomorrow. He isn't moving well at all.

"Hopefully we give him two days off. But it depends. I'll go by how he feels."

Infante did very little baseball activities on Saturday.

"Infante is going to say he is fine," Guillen said. "But I don't see him moving around the way he wants. Yesterday, he tried to beat out an infield hit. When you start pushing, then you get hurt, and we're done for a little while. We'll take care of it, little by little."