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03/31/2005 4:28 PM ET
MLB, LBi Software Engineering launch "eBIS"
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Major League Baseball, in a joint effort with LBi Software Engineering, announced the availability of the electronic Baseball Information System ("eBIS"), a Web-based program facilitating many functions of baseball operations for the 30 Major League Clubs and the Office of the Commissioner. The system serves as the core method through which Clubs carry out transactions, ranging from the inputting of information about contract terms, trades, waivers and scouting to the Rule 4 and Rule 5 drafts.

Developed by the Major League Baseball Information Technology department in conjunction with LBi, eBIS combines five previous systems and their respective databases into a centralized, integrated program that features a user-friendly interface and increased speed. Throughout the development of eBIS, users provided feedback on prototypes, allowing the design team to enhance the system's manageability.

"This is the culmination of a multi-year effort to bring our baseball information systems to a new level of sophistication," said Julio Carbonell, Vice President of Information Technology for Major League Baseball. "Our business users, technical team and LBi exhibited the utmost dedication and perseverance in ensuring the successful delivery of a complicated set of applications."

"MLB's IT organization gave us the opportunity to work within a best practices setting by allowing the necessary flexibility in the project plan," said Laurence Beck, President of LBi. "We designed each module before we developed the programs, and whenever necessary, we stopped the process to make sure the product we were producing matched user expectations."

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