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03/20/2010 2:12 PM ET
A's Launch "Green Collar Baseball" Advertising Campaign
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PHOENIX, Ariz. - The Oakland Athletics and their advertising agency, Hub Strategy, announced the launch of "Green Collar Baseball," a fully integrated marketing campaign featuring television, radio commercials print, outdoor and digital advertisements.

The concept of this year's television advertising campaign is to highlight the hustle and excitement that embodies a young Oakland A's team, and to show that the organization is not afraid of going against the grain to do whatever it takes to win. The team's marketing slogan - "Green Collar Baseball" - will be integrated throughout the A's marketing and advertising campaign this season.

"The Green Collar Baseball campaign communicates that we do things unconventionally and that our young team works exceptionally hard to succeed," said Jim Leahey, A's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "In communicating that message, the campaign highlights the personality of our team, connecting our fans to our players in a fun and irreverent way. We think our fans will be interested to see a campaign that includes their favorite players, a bull, flying darts, and fireworks as a training aid, among other surprises."

Hub's creative director and founder, DJ O'Neil, summed up the agency's excitement: "The A's have a long history of doing really fun creative. We're psyched to continue the tradition with this year's campaign, Green Collar Baseball, and be a part of the A's legacy".

The "Green Collar Baseball" campaign will feature the following unique television commercials...

  • Fast - Rajai Davis is known for his speed on the diamond, however it turns out everything he does on and off the field is fast.
  • Tiny Plate - Curt Young knows how competitive the big leagues are, so to make sure his pitchers are always sharp, he employs some interesting training techniques.
  • Golf Course - Ryan Sweeney shows that time on the golf course on his off-days can help his fielding skills.
  • The Bull - Kurt Suzuki shows how committed he is to standing his ground at the plate.
  • Fireworks - Davis, with a little help from the coaches, finds a unique way to use A's promotions to help him run faster.
  • The Stare - The old master of intimidation, Dave Stewart, looks to teach his legendary stare to one of the young members of the A's pitching staff.
  • Darts - This is the quick story of what happens when two young and talented A's pitchers compete at a friendly game of darts in the clubhouse.
  • Freshen It Up - In an effort to reinvent classic baseball lingo some funny terms and ideas are discussed.
  • What Era - As the A's players get ready for the Turn-Back-The-Clock game against the Pittsburgh Pirates on June 26, one of the players doesn't get the memo.
  • Breslow - Tagged "smartest man in baseball" by the Wall Street Journal, Craig Breslow meets his match in determining the best way to get hitters out.

Hub Strategy (Hub) is a full service creative agency that will partner with the Oakland Athletics starting the 2010 season. Hub will develop all radio, television, digital, print and outdoor advertising for the A's.

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