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04/22/09 3:09 PM ET

Inbox: What does future hold for Geren?

Beat reporter Mychael Urban answers A's fans' questions

The A's Inbox isn't a regularly scheduled piece of content, but henceforth it'll appear at least once every couple of weeks, so keep your timely, relevant questions coming.

I know the A's recently extended Bob Geren's contract, but they've eaten the contracts of previous managers to get rid of them, and Geren hasn't done anything in his time here that suggests he's an above-average leader or baseball man. How long is this man's leash?
-- Will S., Scottsdale, Ariz.

Pretty long, Will. Bob's not going anywhere any time soon, and I honestly don't think it has a great deal to do with his personal relationship with Billy Beane.

Anyone who has followed the A's since Geren took over knows that injuries -- and, of course, the selling off of stars for prospects -- have made it difficult to evaluate Geren's managerial prowess. Granted, injuries are part of the game, and every skipper has to deal with them, but what Geren's had to deal with has been borderline ridiculous.

Don't make the easy mistake of thinking Geren's not a good baseball man, though. He's played in the big leagues, and he's been coaching and managing for a long, long time. Nobody stays in this game that long without knowing how it's supposed to be played.

What exactly do the A's have against Travis Buck and Sean Gallagher? It looks like both are being badly mishandled. Buck should be starting games against left-hander pitchers, and Gallagher should be starting in Triple-A so he can work on the things he needs to improve.
-- Amanda P., Stockton, Calif.

If I ever hit the lottery, Amanda, I'm going to buy a team and give you a job. We think a lot alike.

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Sorry I don't have a really serious baseball question to ask you, but I noticed Tuesday night that Josh Outman was wearing his stirrups pulled up so you could see the yellow socks underneath. I know Corey Wimberly did that during Spring Training, and you got him to explain why. Can you ask Josh what his reason is?
-- Tanner G., Richmond, Calif.

I did that last week, and I'm so glad you reminded me because it means I get to make a younger friend of mine feel old. It's an homage of sorts to Barry Zito, of whom Josh said, "He was one of my favorite pitchers growing up, and I always liked the way he wore his socks."

Will you please be totally honest and tell me what you think of Dana Eveland? I just don't see him as anything more than a No. 5 starter.
-- Benjamin F., Woodside, Calif.

Ben, you get to share an office with Amanda. Don't mess with her stapler, though. She's kinda funny about it.

I'm with you. Nothing against Dana, who's a great guy and a great quote, but anyone who relies as heavily as he does on command (without having a devastating changeup) is, in my opinion, going to have trouble as a big league starter over the long haul. Dana basically was a No. 5 guy last year, and that's pretty much where he belongs. He's too good not to start, but he's not good enough to beat front-end starters on a regular basis.

When are we going to get rid of Rajai Davis? He's terrible. Every time Geren makes a defensive replacement in the late innings, it seems like Davis ends up getting an at-bat an inning or two later and striking out. There's a reason Ryan Sweeney is the starting center fielder.
-- Chris N., Santa Rosa, Calif.

Right, and the reason is that Sweeney is a better hitter than Davis. But he's not a better defensive center fielder. He's fine, but Davis is better, and that's why he gets some run as a defensive replacement. What I don't get is starting Davis over Buck, who needs and deserves way more at-bats than he's getting.

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