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Yankees Ticket Exchange

Seller's Q&A

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1. I want to sell my tickets. Where do I begin?

For Season Ticket and Group Licensees: If you're a Season Ticket or Group Licensee and selling through My Yankees Account - please login to your My Yankees Account. Select "Manage My Tickets." Select the event and check the box for the tickets you want to sell. Click "Sell." Clicking the "Sell" button directs you to Yankees Ticket Exchange where as a first time user you will be prompted to register for an account. Note that it is important to use the same email address for your Yankees Ticket Exchange account as this keeps the two systems in sync.

For non-Season Ticket and Group Licensees: You can start by visiting Yankees Ticket Exchange and clicking on the "Sell Your Tickets" banner. From there you can click "Get Started" to begin listing your tickets. Drop-down menus will appear for you to choose your specific event. Then choose the event and location according to what's listed directly on the tickets. In order to post your tickets with Yankees Ticket Exchange, you will need to create an account. You can sign up for a free membership during the listing process.

2. How do I set the price for my ticket(s)?

In general, you are able to set the price of your tickets without limitation. You have three choices from which to choose: Fixed Price, Decreased Price, and Market Price. Here are some more details on the following pricing options:

  • Fixed Price: Research on Yankees Ticket Exchange what prices comparable tickets are being listed. Then set your own price. Feel free to return later and change your price accordingly.
  • Decreased Price: Improve your chances of selling your tickets by having us automatically lower the ticket price daily. Just set a starting and minimum price.

For example:

If the maximum price is $100 and the minimum price is $20 for a listing that will expire in 20 days, the price of the tickets will be reduced by $4 each day ($100 - $20 = $80 divided by 20 days = $4). The tickets will be listed for $100 on day one, $96 on day two and so on.

  • Market Price: You can set an initial price and we will adjust your price daily to the average price for tickets listed in the same section. If tickets aren't already listed in the seller's section, the tickets will be listed at the initial price.

The formula for calculating the market price is performed by taking the average of all retail ticket prices in the same section. For example: if the initial price you set was $100 and the average price for tickets in the same section as yours is $120, your price will be change to $120 the next day.

3. How do I change/edit my listing information including contact info?

For Season Ticket or Group Licensees: Click on the update edit link within your My Yankees Account and you'll be brought to Yankees Ticket Exchange, where you can select the tickets you wish to edit on the Current Listings tab.

For non-Season Ticket and Group Licensees: Login directly to Yankees Ticket Exchange and go to "My Listings." Make sure you are on the "Current Listings" page. Once there, you can view your Sold, For Sale, and Inactive ticket postings. Click on the button "Edit Listing" to change any of the following information:

Price: Under the "My Listings" tab, click the "Edit Listing" button next to the ticket listing for which you want to change the price.

Contact Info/Shipping Address: Under the "My Profile" tab you can update your billing address and other contact information.

Email Address: Under the "My Profile" tab you can update your email address. Important: If you're a Season Ticket or Group Licensee, you'll need to update both your My Yankees Account email address and your Yankees Ticket Exchange email to the same email address in order to keep the two systems synchronized.

Direct Deposit Info: Go to "My Profile" and edit your banking information.

List Until Date: Under the "My Listings" tab, click the "Edit Listing" button next to the ticket listing you want to change the "List Until Date."

4. I no longer want to sell my tickets anymore. How do I remove my listing?

Go to Yankees Ticket Exchange and click on the "My Listings" tab. Once there select the individual ticket posting you want to remove and click "Remove".

5. How long will my tickets remain posted for resale?

You will select the list until date and time during the posting process. We will also send you a Listing Expiration email reminding you know when your posting will be removed if it does not sell. Postings with a "List Until" date prior to the event date will be removed during the early morning hours on the date you have specified as your "List Until" date.

We want you to sell your tickets, and also want to provide you with sufficient time to use or make other arrangements for unsold postings.

6. Do I have to ship my tickets?

For Ticketmaster Verified Instant Delivery and Electronic Delivery, your ticket barcodes are already entered so you don't need to worry about shipping or approving a ticket sale. Your tickets will be reissued electronically to the buyer. However, you will need to retain your original tickets in case of cancellation. If the event is cancelled, the reissued barcodes are not valid for refund and you will be required to return your original tickets to the original point of purchase for a refund.

7. Are there any shipping or delivery fees?

No, you are not responsible for any shipping or delivery fees as they are paid by the buyer when the tickets are purchased.

8. How do I get paid for selling my tickets? How long will it take to receive payment?

You have a few payment options:

Direct Deposit - Typically within 7 business days after the buyer has received the tickets, your payment will be deposited electronically to the account you provide. If for any reason, the payment is not correct or you do not receive your payment in a timely fashion, please contact us immediately.

Seller Credit - This is available to Season Ticket and Group Licensees only. If you elect to be paid with Seller Credit, the proceeds from your sale will be deposited into your Ticket Account.

Payment for non-guaranteed Postseason Games:

During Postseason, and for other games that may not be guaranteed to be played, we reserve the right to hold payments to Sellers until the game is confirmed or until the game occurs. In the event the game is not played, we reserve the right to withhold payment for that ticket entirely and provide refunds to our customers.

9. Is there a commission when selling my tickets?

It is completely free to list tickets for sale. At the time of listing your tickets for sale, you will be notified of the exact commission value prior to the posting of your tickets. No charges will be incurred unless and until a sale is made. Your payment will reflect the deducted commission amount. Be sure to keep this in mind when pricing your tickets at a specific price. This commission is subject to change at any time.

10. How do I contact a Yankees Ticket Exchange representative?

You can reach us two ways:

  • Call our Customer Support Center at 800-355-2396. We're open daily from 8 am to 10 pm (Central Time). Hours may be extended on game days.
  • Email us at
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