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Printable Seating Chart
MVP Infield Prime (111-123)first 5 rows  
MVP Infield (111-123)Rows 6 to 20  
MVP Prime (109-110/124-125)First 5 Rows  
MVP (109-110/124-125)Rows 6 to 20  
Field Infield (109-125)Rows 21 to 38  
Lower Box Prime (105-108/126-129)First 5 Rows  
Lower Box (103-108/126-130)Rows 6 to 20  
Field Reserved (107-108/126-127)Rows 21 to 38  
Field Level (101-106/126-133)Rows 21 to 38  
Plaza Club (212-214)  
Plaza Infield (210-211/215-224)  
Plaza Level (205-209/225-229)  
Plaza Outfield (200-204/230-234)  
Bleachers (General Admission in 134-150)  
Value Deck (316-318)  
View Level (300-315/319-334)  
Plaza Reserved (235-249)  
Loge Seats (1-3, 65-66)  
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