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December 20, 2016

A's Fans,

What a start! It has been a super exciting month since I was named president of the Oakland Athletics. As folks can imagine, it has been a whirlwind. It is an honor leading such a storied baseball club with nine World Champions (One more than the Giants for those counting at home). I have been impressed with fans' hospitality and kindness as I get situated in the role. I appreciate the support and encouragement as well as many of the great stories about everyone's connection to the Oakland Athletics.

I think my favorite memory was the time I spent with 85-year-old Michael Grbich from Montclair at office hours this past week. We reviewed several great sites for the ballpark and discussed his thoughts on pros and cons. It was very helpful. Michael is a former art teacher in Orinda who has forgot more about Oakland than many folks would ever know. He tragically lost his home in the 1991 Oakland Hills fire but has never let things like that get him down. His positive spirit was a joy to behold. I want to personally thank him for visiting with me. Michael's claim to fame is that he tap dances across famous bridges. Look him up. Pretty cool.

I want to thank all the fans that have taken the time to meet me at office hours. I have learned so much about the community and our great city of Oakland. I also learned that you could build a floating stadium. Thanks Ibai Almufti from Arup structural engineers! I am looking forward to meeting more of the best fans in baseball as my office hours continue by appointment. Please email at President@athletics.com to schedule a time.

One of the best parts of meeting with fans is getting new ideas and putting them into action. When several fans in my first office hours suggested moving FanFest back to Jack London Square, we got to work and announced several days later that the event would be back at the waterfront on Jan. 28. We are taking over the entire area with food trucks, autograph and Q&A areas with our players, alumni and broadcasters, kids inflatables, A's memorabilia and more; all with the backdrop of the San Francisco skyline and the cranes of Howard Terminal. It should be a very fun event and I hope to see you there.

Finally, we have started making some changes to the Coliseum to improve the experience for fans for this coming season. This includes enhancing the food experience - critical to a good ballpark experience if you ask me - by developing a plan to bring in some of the best Bay Area Gourmet Food Trucks. We want to embrace the Oakland food movement. Please let me know if you have recommendations. I have received a lot to date and we are making sure to create a new era in food service at the Coliseum. We will also be enhancing stands within the stadium, including adding menu items like Garlic Fries (yummy) and the best Super Nachos you can imagine. We have been scouring the Bay Area for the best chip for nachos. I think I have tried like ten types of chips already; they have to be firm to handle the cheese, refried beans, guacamole, and sour cream but not so hard that it tastes stale or cuts into your gums. These are big decisions…

Thanks again for your support of the Oakland Athletics. Have a wonderful holiday season.

Play ball,

Dave Kaval, President of the Oakland Athletics