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Timeline 1942-1961
1943  - The Philadelphia Athletics drop their 20th game in a row. This ties the AL record.
1947  -

Rookie Bill McCahan of the Philadelphia Athletics no-hits the Washington Senators 3-0.

1949  - Athletics pitcher Dick Fowler records 9 putouts in a 12-inning 1-0 win over the White Sox.
1950  - Connie Mack's son, Earl, who had been assistant manager, assumes the duties of chief scout. Earl, who had hoped to succeed his father as manager, is replaced by Jimmie Dykes. Mickey Cochrane is named general manager.
1951  -

The Athletics play their first home Opening Day night game; the Washington Senators prevail 6-1.

1954  - Slugger Gus Zernial hits the last grand slam in the history of the Philadelphia Athletics franchise, as the A's down the Red Sox 6-5.
The A's were sold to Arnold Johnson and moved to Kansas City, Mo.; they finish in sixth-place finish under manager Lou Boudreau.
1955  -

The Athletics open their first season in Kansas City with a win over the Tigers, 6-2, before 32,844.

1957  - Athletics aquire Billy Martin from the Yankees due to fallout over the Copacabana incident.
1958  - The A's beat Boston 10-4; Ted Williams becomes the 10th ML player to get 1,000 extra-base hits.
1959  - Kansas City Athletics relief pitcher George Brunet gives up 5 bases-loaded walks and a bases-loaded HBP, as the White Sox score 11 runs on one hit in the 7th. Kansas City loses 20-6.
1960  -
Charlie Finley

Charlie Finley purchases controlling interest in the Kansas City Athletics.

1961  - The Kansas City A's hit 3 consecutive triples in a game-deciding, 5-run 3rd inning while trimming the Yankees 9-6 after a first-game loss 6-1.
1901-1921 | 1922-1941 | 1942-1961 | 1962-1981 | 1982-Present