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Jewish Heritage Night

Jewish Heritage Night
Jewish Heritage Night Giveaway

This season's fifth annual Jewish Heritage Night on Tuesday, August 4 is all new. The pregame event will take place in the spacious Eastside Club. All participants that purchase a special ticket through the link below will be able to attend the pregame event, as well as enjoy a traditional food item and receive an exclusive A's Jewish Heritage Hat. As an added bonus, August 4 is one of the A's Chevy FREE PARKING Tuesdays.

For more information, or for groups of 25+, please contact Jeff Perlmutter at 510-563-2250 or

Please note, you must purchase a special ticket for this event to attend the pregame event in the Eastside Club and receive the giveaway item and food item.

Event Highlights
  • Pregame event in the Eastside Club, featuring live klezmer music with Orchestra Euphonos
  • Exclusive A's Jewish Heritage Hat
  • Traditional Jewish food item
  • Chevy FREE PARKING Tuesdays

Jewish Heritage Night Photo Highlights