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A's Season Ticket Holder News
Click here to a view a special message from Bob Melvin
Click to view a special message from Bob Melvin
Dear Season Ticket Holder,

Manager Bob Melvin and the 2013 Oakland A's need your support. Renew your ticket plan by the February 15 payment deadline. Season Ticket Holders secure the best seats for the biggest games, save money off of dynamically priced individual game tickets, and enjoy added benefits such as the exclusive Season Ticket Holder ballpark entrance, flexible ticket exchange policies, and discounted parking passes.

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Receive a free gift! 2013 Gameday Audio is included when you renew your season tickets online for 2013. 2013 Gameday Audio lets you follow every game LIVE online with live audio and in-game highlights to create a new online experience.
You'll receive your gift in an email closer to the start of the 2013 season.
Gameday Audio
Gameday Audio Features:
Listen to home or away feeds of all 2,430 regular season games with no blackouts
LIVE video look-ins (no blackouts)
Exclusive in-game highlights
Pitcher ratings, pitch by pitch, LIVE box scores
Listen to select Spring Training games LIVE online (no blackouts)
Listen to every Postseason game LIVE online (no blackouts)
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