• Carlos Beltran had baseballs flying off his bat in Colorado (MLB.com), Brian McCann (MLB.com) and Martin Prado (MLB.com) came through big for the Braves, and Eric "The Wizard of Hoz" Hosmer continued making his mark in the Major Leagues with a 3-for-5 effort that was just a triple short of the cycle. (MLB.com)

• Baseball is known for its 40-40 club, but how about its over 40 club? Jokingly referred to by Miguel Batista as the "dinosaurs," the proud 11 Major Leaguers past their 40th birthdays are underrated examples of reinvention and sacrifice. "It's something I'm incredibly proud of," said 44-year old senior "dinosaur" Tim Wakefield, "I think it sets a good example for the younger guys in the clubhouse. It proves that hard work does pay off." Fellow 40-year-old "dinosaur" Jim Thome agreed, saying, "When you look at that list, there's something special about each and every one of those players. I'm incredibly humbled to see my name there." (ESPN.com)

• Lefty pitchers Zach Britton and Jason Vargas each pitched a shutout on Thursday. Britton allowed just three hits for the Orioles, and the Mariners' Vargas surrendered seven hits and one walk. The catch? They pitched against each other, with the Orioles winning in 12 innings and both pitchers earning no-decisions. The last time two dueling southpaws were rewarded with no-decisions, despite throwing nine innings of shutout baseball? April 10, 1980. (MLB.com)

• San Diego reliever Luke Gregerson has Fonz-inspired style, a taste for classic rock, and the coolest car in the Padres player parking lot. (SignOnSanDiego.com)

• Spotted: Tim Lincecum flying high (Fox Sports), C.J. Wilson pitching Victoria's Secret gear (Dallas Morning News), and David Ortiz spreading some Big Papi love on the streets of New York. (MLB.com)

• Yankees catcher Russell Martin gets a green-and-orange manicure, for the sake of his pitchers. Says Martin, "The relationship I have with my pitchers... I want them to have to trust me with their lives." (ESPN.com)

• Fro? Or no? Coco Crisp wants you to help him decide. (MLB.com)

Tweet of the Day: "Had a great time visiting St Christopher elementary school with Kyle. Thank u guys for having us. Time to get to work!!!! #jays" -- Blue Jays left-hander Ricky Romero (RickyRo24). Romero and Blue Jays teammate Kyle Drabek talked about teamwork and healthy lifestyles and played a game of baseball with third-grade students at St. Christopher. (MLB.com)

Quote of the Day: "I was actually born on Friday the 13th. It's one of those days people talk about being 'scary' and 'unlucky,' Freddy Kruger and all that stuff, but I've always had lucky days on Friday the 13th. I love Friday the 13th, look forward to it." -- Gerald Laird, catcher and No. 13 for the Cardinals (St. Louis Post-Dispatch).