Joining the Rangers was a very easy transition. All of my teammates made me feel like I've been playing here for a long time. The fans are great. They know their baseball and are great in supporting our team. Hopefully, it keeps getting better because I really like being here.

I have changed teams the last two seasons, and I've had easy transitions going last year to Boston and then coming to Texas this year. I think it has been easy for me because both teams have a lot of weapons in their lineups.

I didn't have to step up and be the main guy on either team. I was able to step in and contribute right away without a lot of the added pressure. If there was a time I wasn't producing, the other guys were able to pick me up. I could be myself and do what I do best.

I had a tough time adjusting the first time I switched teams. That was several years ago when I went from the Dodgers to the Mariners. It was the first time I was on a new team. Also, I had to adjust to a new league. At times it felt like I had to re-learn a lot of stuff. It was tough, but I think I learned a lot from those seasons in Seattle, and that has translated into success in Boston and here in Texas.

It is hard to say whether the biggest adjustment back then was changing teams or changing leagues. I think that it was equally hard to adjust to a new team and a new league. I had known nothing but Dodger Blue when I went to the Mariners.

One of the highlights of playing for Texas is that I am playing for a winning team with a lot of good players. One of those players is Josh Hamilton, and one adjustment I didn't have to make this summer was kind of funny.

I was penciled in to hit behind Josh at this year's All-Star Game. Of course, I've been hitting behind him all season, so I took it like just another game in that regard. I would have hit anywhere they wanted, but it's always nice to be paired up with one of my teammates.

Adrian Beltre's first season with the Rangers has been a success, as he made the All-Star team and helped Texas win the American League pennant for the second straight year. He hit 32 homers and drove in 105 runs in 124 games during the regular season. He's also been hot in the World Series, hitting .381 (8-21) through the first five games.