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Red Goes Green

Home Runs for Trees

For the third year in a row, the Phillies and ARAMARK partnered with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society on its effort to Plant One Million.

Plant One Million is an ambitious multi-state tree-planting campaign, encompassing 13 counties in southeastern Pennsylvania and parts of New Jersey and Delaware. For each home run hit by a Phillies player this season, a tree will be planted as part of the program. 125 trees were planted in the fall.
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The goal is to increase the "tree canopy cover" - the area of land shaded by trees - in the tri-state area to 30 percent, the greatest coverage in more than a century, by planting one million trees by 2020. Learn more at

Trees can increase property values and retail sales, reduce energy costs, flooding, and crime rates, improve air and water quality, and enhance the overall health and quality of life for local residents.