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Front Office Directory

  • Executives

    Managing Partner, Board Member
    John Fisher
    David Kaval
    Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations
    Billy Beane
    Chief Operating Officer
    Chris Giles
    Chairman Emeritus
    Lew Wolff
    Board Member
    Bill Gurtin
    Board Member
    Keith Wolff
    Board Member
    Sandy Dean
  • Office of the President

    Special Assistant to the President
    Rickey Henderson
    Chief of Staff
    Miguel Duarte
    Director of External Affairs
    Taj Tashombe
    Strategic Assistant to the President
    Dash Davidson
  • Baseball Operations

    General Manager
    David Forst
    Bob Melvin
    Assistant General Manager
    Dan Kantrovitz
    Assistant General Manager, Pro Scouting & Player Personnel
    Dan Feinstein
    Assistant General Manager/Director of Player Personnel
    Billy Owens
    Special Assistant to General Manager
    Grady Fuson
    Special Assistant to General Manager
    Chris Pittaro
    Director of Scouting
    Eric Kubota
    Director of Player Development
    Keith Lieppman
    Director of Minor League Operations
    Ted Polakowski
    Special Assistant to Baseball Operations
    Scott Hatteberg
    Director of Baseball Administration
    Pamela Pitts
    Director of Team Travel
    Mickey Morabito
    Director, Baseball Systems
    Rob Naberhaus
    Research Scientist
    David Jackson-Hanen
    Baseball Operations Analyst
    Pike Goldschmidt
    Scouting Assistant
    Ben Lowry
    Video Coordinator
    Adam Rhoden
    Minor League Technology & Development Manager
    Ed Gitlitz
    Minor League Video Assistant
    Jimmy Leo
    Executive Assistant
    Betty Shinoda
    Administrative Assistant, Player Development
    Nancy Moriuchi
    • Clubhouse
      Equipment Manager
      Steve Vucinich
      Visiting Clubhouse Manager
      Mike Thalblum
      Assistant Equipment Manager
      Brian Davis
      Umpire & Clubhouse Assistant
      Matt Weiss
      Arizona Clubhouse Manager
      James Gibson
      Arizona Assistant Clubhouse Managers
      Thomas Miller, Chad Yaconetti
  • Communications and Broadcasting

    Vice President, Communications and Community Relations
    Catherine Aker
    • Public Relations
      Director of Media Relations
      Zak Basch
      Baseball Information Manager
      Mike Selleck
      Media Services Manager
      Debbie Gallas
      Baseball Communications Coordinator
      Juan Dorado
    • Community Relations
      Director of Community Relations
      Detra Paige
      Executive Director, Community Fund
      Zach Cohen
      Senior Coordinator, Community Relations
      Melissa Guzman
      Community Engagement Manager
      Catherine Glazier
      Community Engagement Coordinator
      Haley McCollough
      50/50 Raffle and Jersey Program Coordinator
      Travis Gorsch
      Community Relations Assistant
      Allegra Armas
    • Authenticated Merchandise
      Manager of Authentication
      Erik Farrell
    • Broadcasting
      Senior Advisor, Broadcasting
      Ken Pries
      Team Announcers
      Ray Fosse, Ken Korach, Glen Kuiper, Vince Cotroneo
      Senior Manager, Broadcasting Services
      Warren Chu
  • Marketing

    • Marketing & Advertising
      Senior Director of Marketing
      Troy Smith
      Director of Marketing
      Travis LoDolce
      Director of Customer Acquisition
      Matthew Perl
      Marketing Manager
      Laiken Whitters
      Marketing Coordinator
      Elizabeth Staub
      Creative Services Manager
      Mike Ono
      Creative Services Coordinator
      Rhonda Romero
      Social Media Assistant
      Kyle Skinner
      Sales and Marketing Assistant
      Barbara Lantz
      Team Photographer
      Michael Zagaris
    • Special Events
      Senior Manager of Promotion & Events
      Heather Rajeski
      Special Events Assistants
      Caleb Janowski, Kalli Rutherford
    • Stadium Entertainment
      Senior Director Engineering & Multimedia Services
      David Don
      Director Entertainment/Production
      Matt Shelton
      Engineering & Multimedia Services Manager
      Daniel Chee
      Motion Graphics Manager
      Daniel Contreras
      Entertainment/Production Coordinator
      Justin Marshall
      Public Address Announcer
      Dick Callahan
      In-Game Host
      Kara Tsuboi
  • Corporate Partnerships

    Director of Partnership Services
    Franklin Lowe
    Senior Account Manager, Corporate Partnerships
    Bryan Deierling
    Account Manager, Corporate Partnerships
    Blake Nahlen, Geoff Sinnott
    Corporate Partnerships Assistant
    Lucas Coyle, Payton Sprague
  • Ticket Sales, Service and Operations

    Vice President, Sales & Service
    Steve Fanelli
    Senior Director of Service & Retention
    Josh Ziegenbusch
    Director of Ticket Operations
    David Adame
    Premium Services Manager
    Matt Langseth
    Premium Services Coordinator
    Brianne Gidcumb
    Box Office Coordinator
    Patricia Heagy
    Ticket Operations Manager
    Austin Redman
    Ticket Operations Coordinator
    Julie Parra
    Ticket Services Manager
    Victoria Hill
    Membership Services Manager
    Michael Neis
    Account Executives, Membership Services
    Dori Eisenthal, Ryan Kay, Tavis McDowell, Nicola Norris, Matt Seu
    Spring Training Sales and Operations Manager
    Joe Pun
    Director of Ticket Sales
    Aaron Dragomir
    Director of Group Sales
    Josh Feinberg
    Corporate Sales Manager
    Tyler Heinkel
    Inside Sales Manager
    Christopher Flynn
    Senior Account Executive, Premium Seating
    Parker Newton, Chris Van Dyne
    Senior Account Executive
    Scott Baird, Phil Chapman, Reece Oliver
    Account Executives
    Nicole Bailey, James Barber, Scott Brinkman, Thomas Brown, Ashley Carrillo, Eric Davis, Benjamin Drake, Allegra Kalen, Alissa Persichetti, Ryan Phelan, Christian Suarez
  • Strategy & Business Operations

    Director of Business Analytics
    Mark Bashuk
    Strategy and Business Operations Manager
    Suzi Alvarez
    Manager of Business Analytics
    Daniel Roach
    Systems Analyst
    Matthew Reiersgaard
  • Stadium Operations

    Vice President, Stadium Operations
    David Rinetti
    Senior Director of Stadium Operations
    Paul La Veau
    Senior Manager of Stadium Operations Events
    Kristy Ledbetter
    Seinor Manager of Stadium Services
    Randy Duran
    Guest Services Manager
    Elisabeth Aydelotte
    Stadium Operations Manager
    Matt Van Norton
    Stadium Operations Coordinator
    Jason Silva
    Guest Services Assistant
    Chloe Janfaza
    Stadium Operations Events Assistant
    Andrew Hudgins
    Stadium Operations Scheduler
    Sarah Halsey
    Head Groundskeeper
    Clay Wood
    Arizona Groundskeeper
    Chad Huss
  • Finance and Administration

    Vice President, Finance
    Paul Wong
    • Legal
      General Counsel
      Neil Kraetsch
      Assistant General Counsel
      Ryan Horning
    • Finance and Accounting
      Senior Director of Finance
      Kasey Jarcik
      Director of Finance
      John Anki
      Payroll Manager
      Rose Dancil
      Payroll Specialist
      Laurie Stephens
      Accounting Manager
      Nick Cukar
      Senior Accountant, Accounts Payable
      Isabelle Mahaffey
      Senior Accountant
      Danna Mouat
      Financial Planning & Analytics Manager
      Garrett Ley
      Ticket Office Accountant
      Casey Quirke
    • Human Resources
      Human Resources Manager
      Elizabeth Espinoza
      Human Resources Assistant
      Katie Strehlow
    • Information Systems
      Senior Director of IT
      Nathan Hayes
      Senior Manager of IT
      David Frieberg
      Senior Systems Administrator
      Kevin Lowe
      Senior Desktop Administrator
      Chris Jio
      IT Support Administrator
      Shaunna Brotherton
    • Administration
      Executive Assistant
      Carolyn Jones
      Executive Offices Receptionist
      Maggie Baptist